Monday 1 September 2014

September News letter

Hillwalking Newsletter

 Donation from Comeragh Crossing

Dungarvan Hillwalking Club will donate €810 to West Waterford Hospice following the very Comeragh Crossing on July 5th. The club pledged to donate €5 from the entry fees of each participant, and 162 people took part in total.

Thursday Walk: Carrigavantry Lake, August 28th

 Despite heavy clouds, it turned out to be a perfect day for walking as the John Browne Division of the Thursday walking set ventured to the Eastern half of the county for a walk by the Carrigavantry Reservoir. 13 walkers set off from Fenor carpark and the combination of warm sunshine and a fresh breeze created ideal walking conditions.

 The walk took approximately two and a half hours and the walkers strolled down laneways with bushes that were filled with blackberries. Needless to say, the walkers gorged on the plump black fruit. They stopped to let horses pass and then jumped over puddles created after the horses churned up the ground. Afterwards, the Dungarvan Baking Committee were in full force and the walkers munched tart made with forest fruits and Madeira cake, washed down with tea.

 Tuesday 7th October at 20:00 Club AGM at Park Hotel

If you’ve got a walk report or a piece of news you think the club should be aware of, please send it to

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Comeragh Mountain B Walk, 17 August 2014

Walk Report - Noel Brennan

Noel led a group of seven for a very enjoyable 4hr 45 min walk, on a lovely sunny day only slightly tainted by a couple of squally showers. They left Kilclooney Wood and headed for the Lackaduff Commons, taking a direct route to cross Uisce Solais. Nancy, Rhona, Bridget, Michael, Michael and Noel were joined by the very welcome Mattias from Switzerland, who was delighted to be walking on open terrain without way-marked ways.

Noel reminded the group to check for tics afterwards, especially as they spent some time walking through mature ferns. As they wended their way towards spot-height 494m, they swopped items of ‘useless information’ on place names and the local landscape, much to visitor Mattias’ amusement – not least the link between Uisce Solais, Uisce Beatha and the Irish ‘invention’ of whiskey! Following a series of sheep tracks, they reached the foot of Crotty’s Rock just in time to have the first cold and windy shower of rain. Up they went and proceeded along the ridge, capturing all the nice views of Crotty’s lake, before heading for Boola Cairn and on to the track above Coumsingean to find a sheltered spot for a welcome cup of tea and a chance to rest some weary legs.

After lunch the group headed back along the top, then some steep downhill walking to cross Uisce Solais at ‘The Bush’ between the various falls; they then took a very well defined track back to Coumsingean Lake. After a short break and more butterscotch sweets (all part of the service!) they went along the track to Lady’s Rock and then took their time on the final steep downhill, finishing just after 3 p.m. The consensus was that it was a very enjoyable B walk, tiring but enjoyable and all went home happy to see the hurling game on the television.

Picture shows (L to R) Michael, Bridget, Mattias, Nancy, Noel, Michael and Rhona with backpacks off at lunchtime.

Monday 4 August 2014

August News Letter

Dungarvan Hillwalking Club August Newsletter

Highly Successful Comeragh Crossing 

162 people successfully completed the annual Comeragh Crossing on Saturday 5th July and the event went very smoothly. 32 brave souls completed the Comeragh Challenge. It’s not yet known how much was raised for West Waterford Hospice, but we will have news on that next month. 

The club would like to thank the members of the Comeragh Crossing Committee, who worked hard to ensure that everything worked like clockwork and that all the walkers got a hot meal when they returned from their long trek. The club would also like to thank the catering team, all the helpers at the checkpoints and at the sign in and sign out desks, the car park attendants, the bus drivers who ensured everyone got to the starting point on time, and most of all the soccer club for giving us a base. 

Wading in Glory at the Cunnigar Crossing

Eight days later, on Sunday 13th July, we held our annual Cunnigar Crossing, which in case there’s any confusion involves water instead of mountains. Richard Dykes’s trusty clicker machine informed us that 234 people turned out for the walk, including a healthy number of children, which was great to see. 
The walkers waded across the Cunnigar sandbar at low tide and then streamed across Baile na nGall beach under the able leadership of John Browne. A photographer from the local papers turned up to take our picture – always nice to get the 15 minutes of fame. They were then treated to refreshments at Tig an Cheoil pub, where there was a collection for the Lions’ Club which raised €901. The club would like to thank Tig an Cheoil, Peter Mangan, John Browne and all the stewards for their hard work, as well as Erich Baumann for designing a poster that helped raise publicity. 

Thursday Walk Day Out

The Thursday walkers chose the only day in June when it rained for their annual day out in the Glen of Aherlow, which took place on June 26th. The walkers did an 11km loop in torrential rain, which obscured the stunning scenery. Nonetheless, they remained in good spirits, and soon dried out in the cosy pub at the Aherlow House Hotel. They enjoyed a delicious meal, which put body and soul back together. More than a dozen walkers made the journey to the North Tipp beauty spot, so the experiment is likely to be repeated next year in better weather. 

SEMRA Flag Day 

South East Mountain Rescue Assocciation will hold a flag day in Dungarvan on Friday 29th August, so if you can help collect, or you’re in town that day, have a look out for the people with the buckets and drop in a few euro if you can. They do sterling work in keeping us all safe on the mountainside.

If you’ve got a walk report or a piece of news you think the club should be aware of, please send it to

Thursday 10 July 2014

Comeragh Crossing Pics

What would a walk be without pictures. At the very least, they provide evidence that you actually did it.

These are pics from Stage 3 of the Comeragh Crossing, from the Carrigs to the soccer club. The walkers picked their way through high ferns...

And managed to avoid the looming squalls.

 Pics taken by Norman Graham.

Monday 7 July 2014

Comeragh Crossing

A big thanks to every one who helped to make the 2014 Comeragh Crossing a great success.

We had over 160 walkers on the mountains with good weather and visibility and most importantly, they all returned safely.

A great day, and hope to see you all out next year.

Jim Holmes has a walk report on

We have a black and blue rucksack with contents and a hat left behind in the Soccer club, if it is yours let us know and we can return it.



Monday 30 June 2014

July News Letter

Dungarvan Hillwalking Club June Newsletter

Comeragh Crossing, Saturday 5th July

The Comeragh crossing is finally upon us and will take place on Saturday, July 5th. At 7am, the Challenge walkers will set off on their arduous trek. Then at 7.30, the hardy walkers who plan to do all three stages of the Crossing, or the first section, will set off on the bus to Clonmel. Those beginning the walk in the Nire will take the bus at 10am and those beginning at the Carraigs will take it at 1pm.  

All buses leave from the soccer club, where the walkers will return for some delicious grub after they’ve finished the walk. Funds will be raised for the West Waterford Hospice and the registration fee is €25. Registration takes place on the day. Don’t forget your boots. For more information or to volunteer, contact Tony Fitzgerald on: 0872599171 

C Walk: Brownstown Head, Sunday June 22nd 

This walk was revenge for the rain-drenched Dunmore East walk two years ago, which some members may remember. On that occasion, we were chased by a cloudburst. This time, we walked in golden sunshine. Owing to the Dunmore East food festival, we did not take our usual route, but began on the Saleens, opposite Tramore beach. We walked along the beach, and then all along headland to the two pillars which acted as signals for ships in the days before GPS. We then trekked along trails which were jungle like in their greenery. Leader Norman Graham introduced his troop of seven other walkers to some new sports, including cliff scrambling and wire-wiggling, a form of limbo dancing under wires. They rose to the challenge beautifully.

Cunnigar Crossing: Sunday 13th July 

Time and tide waits for no man, and as soon as the excitement of the Comeragh Crossing has died down, it’s time to prepare for another crossing, the Cunnigar Crossing. This will take place on Sunday 13th July, at 12.30 sharp, meeting at TSB car park. It’s essential to be in time so we can beat the tide. This event is hugely popular and walkers enjoy the novelty of wading across the Cunnigar sandbar. We will then walk along the beach, clamber up some rocks and arrive at Tig an Cheoil pub for some delicious grub. Funds will be raised for the Lions Club. The minibus from Tig an Cheoil costs €3.  

C Walk, Milk Hill, Sunday 15th June 

11 walkers took a hike up to the top of this dairy-themed hill in deliciously warm weather. They had to dodge cows at the start and finish of the walk, but the farmer was incredibly accommodating and we would like to thank him. Erich Baumann took us to the top of the hill, but we couldn’t rest yet. We had to walk along the wide, flat summit to the cross, where we had lunch. We were able to admire a stunning view, of all our major mountain landmarks, spread across four counties. 
If you’ve got a walk report or a piece of news you think the club should be aware of, please send it to

Wednesday 4 June 2014

June News Letter

Hillwalking Newsletter

Countdown to Comeragh Crossing

The countdown to the Comeragh Crossing is well and truly underway. The action will take place on Saturday July 5th, when hordes of walkers descend on the Comeragh Mountains and trek a route between Clonmel and Dungarvan. As in other years, you can do the whole crossing or a section, and volunteers will be there at every checkpoint to help you out and give you sustenance. Afterwards, there’ll be a slap up feed in the soccer club. There will be souvenirs, but Richard Dykes says that they’re top secret. For more information or to volunteer, contact Tony Fitzgerald on: 0872599171 

New Patches Available

It’s the must have walking accessory of the season. It’s the brand-new Dungarvan Hillwalking Club patch. It’s a handsome shade of blue, and it features the new Dungarvan Hillwalking Club logo. You can buy them for €5 from members of the committee. You can sew or Velcro them to your coat or hang them from your rucksack to make a splash. 

Cunnigar Crossing: Sunday 13th July 

Time and tide waits for no man, and as soon as the excitement of the Comeragh Crossing has died down, it’s time to prepare for another crossing, the Cunnigar Crossing. This will take place on Sunday 13th July, time to be confirmed. This event is hugely popular and walkers enjoy the novelty of wading across the Cunnigar sandbar, onto the beach and up to Tig an Cheoil pub for some delicious grub. Funds will be raised for the Lions Club. The minibus from Tig an Cheoil costs €3. 

Thursday Walk: Carrigavantry Reservoir 

A group of 10 intrepid walkers ventured to the east of the county for a walk around Carrigavantry Reservoir, near Tramore. It was a steady walk of just under three hours, in glorious sunshine. After the walk, in true Thursday style, the walkers gorged on various cakes. The walk was led by the ever-capable John Brown.  

Thursday Walk Outing

Jack Clancy’s mystery walks were always a favourite with Thursday walkers in particular and the tradition of a day out will be revived with a trip to the Glen of Aherlow on Thursday 26th June. We will leave Dungarvan at approximately 10am and walk one of three gentle loops in the famous Glen of Aherlow, followed by refreshments in the Aherlow Hotel. You can expect cake to make an appearance at some stage. 

18th May Knockmealdown Walk report. 

Starting from Mountmelleray in the grey mist and drizzle eleven walkers set off for Knocknafallia, Knocknagnauv and Knockmealdown peaks. We played host to five guest walkers from Kerry hoping to show them the beauty of our local mountains, but unfortunately the mist and rain did not relent. From the flat summit of Knocknafallia at 668m we traversed the coll to Knocknagnauv at 655m and picked up the county boundary wall and followed it to the south west and sheltered behind it for lunch. On reaching the next coll we made a group decision to head for clearer lower ground and headed to Bulls well to follow the uphill flowing stream !!!  We returned to the Abbey via the reservoir and finished with refreshments at the Cats public house. Richard Dykes.
If you’ve got a walk report or a piece of news you think the club should be aware of, please send it to

Tuesday 20 May 2014




Dungarvan Hillwalking Club are delighted to host their annual Event of the year and the details are as follows.
Comeragh Crossing Walks. Beautiful scenery on a good day, but has proved difficult on an inclement day.
There are
Four Walks to choose from on the day depending on your ability and fitness.


This walk is approx 35Km long on Mountain terrain with approx.
1250m ascent with marshy ground on summit plains. Bus leaves Dungarvan 7.30a.m. In this walk you can avail of joining a group with Leaders or do it unled as an individual or with friends. Walking time for this walk is approx l0hrs.


Mountain terrain with approx. 900m ascent with marshy ground on summit plains. Bus leaves Dungarvan at 10.00a.m. Leaders are provided for this walk but you can participate on your own or as a group. Walking time for this walk is approx 6 hours.


Open mountain and forest tracks. Boots are now required for this section. Bus leaves Dungarvan at 13.00hrs. This walk has a group leader and is for walkers who prefer a less strenuous day on the mountain.


The Challenge is approx. 45Km. with about 2000m ascent.
Bus leaves Dungarvan at 7.00am SHARP

It is advisable that participants should have completed other long distance walks with at least 1500m ascent or more. This is a Challenge Walk for the very experienced walker with a high level of fitness required .The average walking time is about 10 hours. Apart from the physical challenge, it is a test of navigation
and route finding especially in poor weather conditions.

We advise ALL grades of walkers that the closing time
for the Mauma Rd Checkpoint will be strictly adhered to. i.e. 18.30hrs.

Registration All participants MUST register at Dungarvan Soccer Club
Note : it is NOT possible to register
at Walk Start Point
Registration fee is €25,
other than Walks 3 which will be €20.
€5 will be donated to West Waterford Hospice from all entries.

Transport is provided from Dungarvan Soccer Club to the start points.
Participants are advised that transport is NOT provided back to start point or other start points later in the day.
At walk finish, transport will only be provided from Whites Cross to Dungarvan Soccer Club.

Comeragh Crossing Challenge
Bus departs Dungarvan Soccer Club at 07.00hrs.

Comeragh Crossing Walk
Bus departs Dungarvan Soccer Club at 07.30hrs.

To join at Walk 2 or Walk 3 Buses depart Dungarvan Soccer Club at lO.OOhrs. and 13.00hrs respectively.
Free Parking is available near the Soccer Club in Dungarvan.

Food and Drink As the walk will take up to 10 hours to complete, participants should carry enough food and liquids with them. In addition light refreshments will be available at the Nire Car Park, Seefin and the Mauma Rd. and a more substantial meal will be provided at Dungarvan Soccer Club after final check-in.

Leaving the Comeragh Crossing
If, on the day, it becomes impossible for a walker to complete the course, he/she should try to finish at a manned checkpoint and hand in their control card there. A steward will advise as to transport to Dungarvan etc.
In circumstances where this is not possible, the emergency phone number on the control card should be contacted A.S.A.P. so that help can be arranged.

Organiser's decisions
In any matter arising in connection with the Crossing, the organiser's decision is final. Every precaution is taken to safeguard the walkers, but those taking part do so at their own risk.

For further details please contact : Richard Dykes

Phone 086 2411287

Tuesday 6 May 2014

May News Letter

Dungarvan Hillwalking Club May Newsletter

A Slightly Debauched Weekend in Leenane.

A horde of Dungarvan hillwalkers descended on the hills of Connemara, or should that be ascended, on the weekend of April 25th. They stayed as always in the extremely comfortable and homely Leenane Hotel. The weather wobbled somewhat, but luckily the weekend wasn’t a complete washout. 
Early arrivals on Friday 25th were able to avail of a scenic fjord walk led by Sean and Bernie Rush. Five people went on this relaxing walk. The next day was the big walking day. The C walkers headed for Diamond Hill, where the weather held out until the last leg of the journey. The group dried off with cups of tea at the local tea rooms, but were then soaked again on the way to the cars.
The eight B Walkers headed for the Maumturks, under the expert guidance of Angela, an experienced local walk leader from the local Beanna Beola walking club. A tough six hour walk but with excellent vistas, well worth the effort. Thanks go to Noel for arranging the contact.
Sunday was a free day, and some of the group took to their bikes for a 28km cycle on the Westport Greenway, while others braved Croagh Patrick. We would like to thank Richard Dykes and Peter Mangan for their help in organising the weekend and the local walk leader Angela for her expertise on Saturday.  

Walk Report, Glenpatrick, April 6th, Leader, Carmel Ryan 

The forecast was very bad for this walk, but luck smiled on leader Carmel Ryan and she led a group of approximately 12 walkers around the woods near Glenpatrick in glorious sunshine. Carmel took the walkers on a loop that encompassed a few challenging hills, and the walkers enjoyed lunch at a bridge, listening to the swooshing sound of the water. Most of the walk was on a woodland track, with some road at the end. The carpark had large stones that were at a convenient height for disrobing and rerobing after the walk.  

Comeragh Crossing Quiz

The annual fundraising quiz in aid of the Comeragh Crossing will take place on Friday May 16th at 8pm in the soccer club.  The price is €20 for a table of four. We will have a new quiz master on the night, Ronagh Baumann. Best of luck to Ronagh and thanks to her for putting herself forward. 
Walk Report, Colligan Upper, March 30th, Leader, Paul Vart 

One side effect of the massive storms in January and February is that many walk routes have become impossible to navigate, as trees have fallen along the path. This was the case for Paul Vart’s walk in Colligan Upper. Thankfully, Paul found a way around the problem and took the group along the side of the forest, where branches made a satisfying crackling sound as the walkers stepped on them. The walkers then crossed a field and then made their way home by road, in a walk that took just under three hours. Unfortunately, the heavy cloud cover failed to lift, but this didn’t dampen the walkers’ spirits.  

And finally ... Ted Dipple is still looking for stewards for the Darkness into Light walk at 4am on Saturday May 10th. If you’re interested, contact him on 058 20790.
If you’ve got a walk report or a piece of news you think the club should be aware of, please send it to 

Monday 31 March 2014

April News Letter

Hillwalking Newsletter

Darkness Into Light Walk for Pieta House

The annual Darkness Into Light Walk which fundraises for the mental health charity Pieta House, will take place in the early hours of Saturday May 10th. Again, the organisers are looking for members of Dungarvan Hillwalking Club to be marshals. The route is different this year. It begins at St Augustine’s College and heads for Crotty’s Corner, before looping back to the college via the metal bridge. If you’re interested in doing point duty along the route, contact Ted Dipple on 058 20790.
Walk Report: B Walk to Coumshingaun, Sunday 16th February. Donal O’Mahoney
We started walking at approximately 10:40 and went up the left side of Coumshingaun, into a cold, finger numbing wind. Visibility was poor for the first few hours but spirits were high. We reached the top of the Coum at about 12:30 and there we were met with ice and snow. After a quick lunch at Richard Dykes’s special lunching spot, we headed for Crotty’s Lake. Visibility was so poor that we almost missed it. On the way home, we crossed Uisca Solus and Coumshingaun Lake for good measure. We finished the day in sunshine.  

A Splendid St. Patrick’s Weekend. 

The Dungarvan Hillwalkers were in full song for St. Patrick’s Weekend, with a raucous sing-song in Leneghan’s of Newtown after the dogs’ night on Saturday 15th and a rendition of Slievenamon in the biting cold on the big day itself. 14 people went to the dogs’ night and experienced varying fortunes. 24 brave troopers headed to the top of Slievenamon, ably led by Brian Wickham, and rewarded themselves with a ridiculous amount of cake.  

A Tale of Two Walks – C Walk Report by Derbhile Graham 

On Sunday 9th March, a group of approximately 19 C walkers braved fog to walk to the Bull’s Well near Melleray, via the cross. Leader Michael Hanrahan successfully steered the group home. Two weeks later, in gloriously warm weather, Reenie Palmer led a similar-sized group of walkers along Ballyquin beach in Ardmore, and then along the Ardmore cliffs, where they picnicked in the sun with a friendly seal for company.  

B Walk Schedule: 

The B walk coordinators have confirmed that the first B walk of every month will be on a Saturday from now on, at 9am  starting from the motor tax office car park, opposite Glanbia. All other B walks will take place at 10am on Sunday, as normal.


Comeragh Crossing Quiz 16th May.  More details later.


And finally...For those of you heading for Leenane on April 25th, the carpooling fee will be €20.

If you’ve got a walk report or a piece of news you think the club should be aware of, please send it to

Descending Sleivenamon

Entertainment at Leneghan's pub after the Dogs night.