Sunday 13 October 2013

Message from Derbhile Graham Club PRO

Greetings, walkers.

This is your new PRO speaking. I'm writing to let you know that you can reach me for club news on If email isn't your thing, you can give me a call on 087 695 9799. The email address is also good for reaching Norman on - he's a very important man so I handle all his correspondence.

I'll be compiling the newsletter, and any news you'd like to publicise on it would be greatly welcome. I'll also be sending reports to the newspapers.
I would particularly appreciate if I could get information from the walk leaders after their walks, especially as I don't get to go out walking much myself. I would love if the leaders could supply me with pictures from the walks. Newspapers and people in general love pictures. So they're pretty essential in helping to spread the word about how much fun the club is.

If you have the time, I would also love if you could give me basic information about the walk you led, including:
1. Info about the route you took.
2. Length of your walk in hours and kilometres or miles.
3. Route you took.
4. How many came.

All I need is the basic info - I'll flower it up. And of course, if I do go on walks, which I hope to again after Christmas, I'll do the reports myself!
Many thanks for your cooperation.
Derbhile Graham

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