Wednesday 8 July 2015

Comeragh Crossing Comments

A selection of emails received.

Hi Richard
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the Dungarven hillwalking club for organising the Comeragh challenge. It was a great event, extremely well organised, and everyone at the administration points, bus and checkpoints were very friendly and helpful.The legs weren't bending at the ankles this morning, but thankfully they are now back to normal. I met some great people along the route and intend to take part again next year.
Well done.
Kind regards
Sharon  Godfrey
Dear Dungarvan Hillwalking Club,

Wishing you all best of luck today.
Sorry I can't be with you this year - will be missing the Challenge and all the familiar Points and Faces.
Hope its a great success.

Kind Regards,
Dominic Price

I took part in the Comeragh Crossing
 on Sat.  I would like to thank you all very much for organising a great day. Everyone was so nice and friendly and all was so well organised. We didn't fit on the bus so a very nice gentleman from the club drove us to the start, I'm sorry I don't know his name.
I loved the walk and was so happy that the weather was so good I was able to appreciate the views .
The food and coffee were very welcome.  If I had known about them I could have carried a lighter rucksack!!
The food at the finish was lovely.
 I hope to get back next year.  Thank you all again and well done
Gemma Slattery
Hi there,
Just a quick thank you for all of the work involved in organising Saturday’s Comeragh Crossing. “Enjoyed” mightn’t be the right word but very glad I did it and it was really well set up. It was my first time doing the Crossing but hopefully won’t be the last. Thanks,

Brian Nolan,

Can you please pass on my thanks to all in the Dungarvan Hillwalking Club for a brilliantly organised Comeragh Crossing. And again thank you for all your help leading up to the walk See you all next year
Mick Penston

Hi Richard,
A thousand apologies. I was so busy in work etc I never saw this reply til now.
I am just waiting for the train after my weekly visits to dad.
I was extremely impressed with the entire event and if you could hear all the glowing comments from fellow walkers your ears would be burning and you would be glowing.
Everyone I talked to bar none had wonderful praise for the organisation of the entire weekend.
Congratulations take a bow. (And a well deserved rest.)
Ps I am unfamiliar with the challenge etc. whilst I know I should be better with the compass I like the socialibilitity of the walks and perhaps was better off doing as I did.
Take care

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