Wednesday 9 November 2016

6th November Nire Walk

30km/hr northerly breeze dry sunny and very cold, it had been the driest October in many a year. The planned walk, a visit to all the nire valley lakes, warm clothes thick hats, thick gloves and keep moving was the order of the day. We left the nire carpark and were blown up the ridge to Coumfea lake and a little shelter from the biting wind. Then moving on to the Coumalocha lakes we stopped between the two lakes for a cold quick bit to eat in the November sunshine.

We climbed over the next ridge and dropped down into the lower sgilloge lake and were greeted and entertained by “sionnach rua”playing and posing for pictures like a model. We then continue up to the next sgilloge and again our friend reappeared blocking our way across the little bridge until we paid a little fee. A sight which none of us had ever experience before and most likely never to forget for a long time, we then continued the walk back down to the nire car park.  Another glorious day on the hills!      
   “A Hillwalker”.

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