Friday 23 August 2019

Easy B Walk Attracts An Extra Guest

Marcus O'Halloran led an easy B walk on Sunday 18 August and took some fabulous photos.r easy B walks are designed for people who want to try out B walks. They may feel fitter or more confident in their walking abilities and want to see if they can manage a B walk. These walks help them make the transition.

Here is Marcus's walk report.

The B walk in the Comeraghs on Sunday 18th of August started at Kilclooney Wood in glorious sunshine. We had a total of 5 walkers. We started our climb up to Coumshingaun and as we looked up we could see lots of walkers ahead of us on the hill. We did an odd stop to take in the view which was amazing in the summer sunshine. On the climb, we could see down into Coumshingaun Lake as we climbed up and over to the top. We then had our lunch looking down on the lake. 

After lunch we made our way to 792, the highest point in the Comeraghs. The sun had now faded and there was a nice wind blowing.  Now heading eastwards, we crossed over to view the Boolas and then dropped down to contour over Crotty's Lake. We then made our way over, and crossing Iske Sullas, the sun had now come back out. We made our way back down and into Coumshingaun where we rested for a while and then made the final descent to Kilclonney Wood, only to be greeted by a Comeragh Fox on the way down. Walking time was 5 hours 46 min. The total height of all climbs combined during this walk was 914 meters. The length of the walk was 11km.

And in these beautiful photos, you'll spot the extra guest who came to join the walkers.

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