Friday 7 February 2020

Companionship on the Hills for Valentine's Day

This is the time of year when hearts and flowers appear everywhere as Valentine’s Day approaches. But Dungarvan Hillwalking Club has an antidote to all the Valentine’s Day hoopla – come and join us in the hills for some real companionship and fun.

Dungarvan Hillwalking Club has a motto: friendship, fitness and fun. We take the friendship part of our motto seriously. We want to offer people an opportunity to walk in a warm, friendly atmosphere and to offer companionship to people who are new to the club.

If you turn up to one of our walks on your own, you will leave having made a tonne of new friends. We make sure no-one is left out and we’ll greet you and give you a lift to the walk start point. During the walk, you’ll always have someone to talk to. We’re always delighted to see new people joining us and you can expect lots of lively conversation on the walks.

Photo Credit: Eibhlin Power

We don’t just go on walks – there’s also a vibrant social scene for you to enjoy. We have a Christmas party night and a club barbecue in the summer. Again, we make it easy for you to come to these events on your own, because you won’t be on your own for very long. You’ll be swept up in the merriment, the delicious food and the lively sing songs.

We also give you the chance to spread your wings and travel further afield with our group holidays abroad and weekends away in Ireland. Lots of our members travel solo, so if you want, you can find someone to share a room with and avoid the dreaded single supplement. You’ll have company for the whole holiday, on walks and at meals.

So, if you’re a solo flyer this Valentine’s Day, come and join Dungarvan Hillwalking Club for one of our walks. A whole world of fun and friendship will open up to you. Love may blossom on the hills, but just as importantly, we can offer friendship that lasts.

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