Saturday 8 August 2020

We're Back on the Hills

Dungarvan Hillwalking Club is delighted to announce that we’re back on the hills and we’re opening up our walks to new members again. We’ve been operating a full walk schedule for our current members for the past number of weeks, but now we’re inviting guests to join us.

You can enjoy our popular Sunday B and C walks and our Thursday B and C walks, but there’s a limit of 20 people per walk, including the leader. So, if you want to join us, give the leader for your chosen walk a call. To find out about our walks, check out the Walks section of our website.  

You can join us for two walks and then we will ask you to join our club so that you’ll be covered by our insurance. The annual fee is €40 per person. On walks, it is recommended that you use your own transport to get to the start point. You’re also asked to take responsibility for social distancing and for finding your own parking spot.

Photo Caption: A stunning socially distanced walk in the Sgilloges on 26 July, led by Helen Culloo. You can see the lake gleaming in the sunshine with the mountain above it. (Photo Credit: Patricia Hurley)


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